To the heart of Espanol

Granada to Madrid – June 28th 2009

After a bit of a disappointing breakfast I head off to the bus stop to catch a bus to Madrid. Though  once I get to the station, and go to get tickets the next bus isn’t til another 3 hours. So I have a fair bit of time to waste. I check my emails, facebook, read some of the book (I actually read a lot of it, quite interesting, you guys should pick up Michael J Fox’s Autobiography) and have some food. I get offered a cigarette lighter by a bum for money, I decline, I don’t smoke so there is no point.

Its time to get onto the bus, and the bus is packed. Literally, FULL. No room whatsoever. I feel painfully sorry for the guy behind me who is about 8 foot 2 inches and has NO leg room at all. Poor bastard.

I get to Madrid and make my way to Puerto Sol – which is kind of the centre of Madrid. Kilometre Zero for spain. And then make my way up to the Hostel. I get there and the hostel is rather cool. Not massive but a stack of computers, lounge and a decent kitchen. Nice, and for the low low price of only 15 euros. Bargain.

I go up and buy some food – pasta. Its cheap and easy to make. Staple diet of many many backpackers. And then trudge back and go to cook up a storm and demolish it rather quickly. Before settling in on the couch for a good read and watch a movie before going to bed.

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