Plan Plan and Plan.

Granada – 27th June 2009

So I wake up and check my emails, I had originally intended to go to Alicante and Valencia. But seeing as Valencia was a good 9+ train/bus ride away and Alicante had no hostels ( I did try to couchsurf there but there was no one at the last minute). So when it comes to being stuck somewhere, and when its somewhere that you really like, you just stay another day. Thats the great advantage of being flexible and having no plan at all.

I spend the day just roaming around. I go to the nearest english bookstore and pick up a book I can read. Then just chill at the hostel during the heat of the day. Pretty lazy huh. Though on my way to the bookstore I see a girl who is struggling with a big box, so I do my good deed and help them carry the box to the Post Office. The box has got all her shoes she has brought in Spain whilst studying abroad…ridiculous.

I go and explore the Jewish part of the town. It’s boiling hot so I keep stopping every 5-10 minutes. Good thing is, that this area seems to have a good amount of placa’s and fountains. There isn’t a lot to go see though. So I trudge up to the bar I always go to and get some food, I mean a beer and then some Tapas. Gotta love that hey.

One of the many fountains I discovered.

One of the many fountains I discovered.

I go to check out the Granada Cathedral, but as always you have to pay a few Euro’s just to get into the thing. But it looks glorious from the outside. And the crypt has the tombs for King Ferdinand and his wife. If you decide to come here that is. I then head back to the hostel and grab a litre beer for a good drink.

Granada Cathedral

Granada Cathedral

Later that night I cruise up to through the lookout, and chill there with a beer with every a bunch of others. Theres guitars playing and people trying to scam money. I just sit and watch the glory that is the Alhambra.

The Alhambra at night

The Alhambra at night

On my way back down to the hostel I notice some loud drumming noises coming from behind the Cathedral. I go and suss out what the hell it is. And it turns out to be this parade going through the street. It stops every 20-50m as a bunch of guys are carrying a big float down the street. Its definitely not something you see every day. Not a bad way to end my stay in Granada.

Float from the Parade.

Float from the Parade.

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