Camp Grananda

Granada – 26th June 2009

So I wake up for some breakfast and whilst I am eating one of the girls asks me what I think about the death of Michael Jackson. I immediately call bullshit. Thinking its just a complete hoax. Til I check my emails and there you go, MJ is dead and I was in Granada. Oh well.

I have tickets to the Alhambra for the afternoon so I decide to head up into the hills. The hills have this gypsy community that lives in caves. Its a bloody hot day and the hike up isn’t too bad til I get to the hill. Then its hot and sweaty, not to mention lack of signs means I have no idea where I am going. But I stumlbe upon it somehow. But its not much, still amazing people live in caves here and don’t really work apart from on their homes.

I meet some Belgian girls and start talking, til we hear a massive drumming session going on. We look up and see that there is a big building structure at the top of the hill. So we head up there immediately but cannot find an entrance. We fill up our bottles and just sit on the fence and admire the beauty of the Alhambra and Granada. It is seriously one of the most gorgeous cities I have seen.

I start to get peckish so head off down the hill, the opposite way we came up. And I somehow cannot get down, theres a massive wall and a bunch of houses. Its a bit of a mission but I jump onto someones roof and then down into their courtyard before doing the bolt down the street. Bit hectic.

I get into town and find a bar, and then devour a beer and a tapas. Wait wait make that two beers and tapas. I got hungry. Thats the beauty of this place. No need to actually buy food, just buy a drink and you get some food. Awesome.

I chill out, before heading up to the Alhambra. And this place has to be seen! It is incredible. So surreal and beautiful. My ticket is for 3:30pm to get into the Palacio Nazaries – the highlight of the Alhambra which is in fact a variety of buildings, fortifications and gardens. The Palacio Nazaries is the Royal Palace – a moorish palace. It is incredible. There is a massive line but when you get in you see the intricate woodwork and amazing tiles and it pretty much blows your mind. Not to mention that every courtyard is different. Its an amazing sight to witness. I feel priveledged to see it.

I head over to the Alcazaba. Which is right next to it, its the Fort of the Alhambra. There is not a lot to it. But the views you get at the top of the tower towards the Palacio Nazaries and the Generalife are sensational as well as the views of the Alhambra. I walk up through the gardens and head towards the Generalife. Which is a big white building on the far side of the Alhambra grounds. The grounds and gardens are meticulous. You can get lost in them. Which I inevitiable do and miss the last entrance to the Generalife so I head back to the hostel.

I head back and have a quiet evening of not much. Read a book have a few beers and go for a wander around the town. But it doesn’t compare to the marvel that is the Alhambra.

Post Script – The internet at this hostel is being lame so I will post photos later – if your too eager go to my facebook page and source them there. Not entirely difficult.

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