Alhambra and Tapas

Cordoba and Granada – 25th June 2009

So I am up kinda of early to get down to the Mesquita in the morning. Its free from 8am to 10:30 so of course I am going to go. It is a little bit on the chilly side walking down, and I feel a bit weird wearing shoes (I wasn’t sure of the dress regulations of the place) and then you get to the Mesquita and there is this tranquility to it at this time of the morning. It is the fact that there is no one there at all, well ok a few people, but its no one compared to anywhere else.

I make my way into the Mesquita and am meet with columns and columns with not a lot in between. Its marvelous. Truly unique. It is a stunning bit of architecture.

The Mesquita - Inside

The Mesquita - Inside

I head back to the hostel and dump my bag before going down towards the river and checking out a few other things. There is a sweet bridge going over the river. And a castle tower at the end, which I try to get into but we haveto pay a few euros to get in just to get to the top. So I bail and head back to grab some food before making my way to Granada.

I get to the Bus station, and then it only takes about an hour to get to Granada. A short bus ride in and a short walk I am at Funky Backpackers (Which has convieneintly moved from where it is in the guidebook) but its not hard and its close to the main street. I dump my things, and go buy some food for dinner (which rarely gets used – more on that later on in this episode of thirstybackpackers). I then head up to the Albayzin (which is the Moorish area of Granada).

I walk up along the river, underneath the mighty Alhambra, and then detour off up into Albayzin. There is a really cool viewpoint at the top with outstanding views of the Alhambra (Alhambra is Granada’s Jewel in its crown). On the way there I get a bit lost, but a nice spainish guy helps myself there. They are shooting a movie nearby under the viewpoint and there are spainish guitars playing around. And then you get the view. And all you need to do to get my expression is look at the photos. Its a breathtaking sight.



I head back down to the hostel and meet a few other guys that are staying who invite myself out for some Shisha and Arabian tea. We start our way up to the Albayzin but somehow get lost, but get an amazing sunset view before finding a cool little tea and shisha house. We order up a pot of tea and a shisha and smoke some flavoured tobacca and drink arabian tea. Its a very cruisy way to spend the night.

We then head on down the hill and find a bar. We start ordering beers and to my amazement we get Tapas with it. At no extra cost. This is the best thing about this city. Free Tapas. Walk into a bar and buy yourself a beer, and you will also get a plate of Tapas. This is why I never ate the food I got for dinner. We spend the night eating and drinking away whilst being entertained at one minute by snoop dogg, the next vintage madonna videos. Weird.

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