Late night and an early morning means a rush to get to Cordoba

Cordoba – June 24th 2009

So last nights revelry kind of ruins any plans I had of the morning – like checking out the bull fighting arena. I end up waking up to a dark room, and checking the time to see its 12:00. Oh fuck! I get my washing, hurriedly pack my stuff to head to Cordoba after booking a hostel at the last minute.

The hangover kicks in on the walk to the bus station, and the heat also doesn’t help to well with that. But the bus ride is fine, its quite short – bout 1-2 hours and I’m in Cordoba. Home to one of the biggest mosques (Mesquita).

I completely forgot to get some sort of directions to the hostel. So I try to find it by ringing them, before some old chap decides to talk to me. I decipher through my very bad spanish and his very bad english that he wants me to stay at his place and I tell him I cannot as I’ve got a reservation, he then wants to get food. My god. I do a runner as he doesn’t understand no.

I get to the hostel and dump my bag and go sit in this cool little moorish/muslim courtyard that the hostel has here. Its cool and refreshing and I basically try to get over this hangover. I end up talking to this American girl named Dorian who does a lot of art teaching. And keeps this cool diary where she just draws and paints things. I like that. We end up going for a cruise around the town.

We head to the Mesquita courtyard as its free and she wanted to show me how to get there. Its a pretty imposing courtyard with orange trees filling it up. Its pretty massive I might add. We go to try to get into the Alcazar gardens but it doesn’t look open so we head to this jesus statue that is fairly eerie. It is really chilling, but has a cool charm about it. We both decide to come back here at night time.

Tower of the Mesquita

Tower of the Mesquita

Daylight Eerie Jesus

Daylight Eerie Jesus

We keep walking around the town and stumble upon more statues and fountains. And some pretty nice graffiti in the area. We walk through the main plaza, but it is deserted, but it is like 6 in the pm so everyone is snoozing.
We go to the super market and get some food – the hostel has a kitchen but not much and no utensils. So we get baguettes and fillings.

We sit in the courtyard and talk to a few canandians before setting out for a night time walk. We go over to the Jesus statue and it is haunting at night, there is no one around at all and its quite spooky at times. We head through the narror streets and courtyards we found before heading to the main plaza and then finding the Jazz Bar. Where we go have a few drinks before chilling and talking in the foyer before crashing.

Creepy Jesus.

Creepy Jesus.

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