What are you cutting this with anyway?

Lagos – June 20th 2009

Its the same old start to a day of not much. Lagos is not a big town by any means. And there isn’t much to do. Its a beach. Drink big. Then repeat every day. You can do sightseeing like Kayaking but that costs money, and I’m on a budget.

After lounging about most of the morning, and seeing off the Americans for what ever they are up to for the day. I decide to go to the first beach and chill. After some breakfast, which is just yoghurt.

I head straight to the first beach I can get to, which is a good 15 minute walk from the hostel. I head for a beach called Pinhao Praia, its kind of the first one I get to. The heat is terrible, its a dry heat, no wind at all to cool you off.

As soon as I set foot at the top of the beach, you just go wow. Its surreal. Totally amazing. Crystal clear water and the cove looks spectacular. I head on down to the beach. Dump my stuff and dive straight into the water. Ah god its refreshing, and takes good care of the hangover. Only real problem with these beaches that I go to, is the lack of swell. But beggars cannot be choosers.

Pinhao Praia

Pinhao Praia

The great thing about all these beaches, is that there are little grottoes everywhere. You just have to swim out, and around and you have little cove to yourself. Amazing.

I decide to do a beach crawl, and cliff walk along the coast. And I start to make my way towards the famous Praia Do Ana. If you’ve seen a picture of a Lagos beach, it most likely came from here. It is completely packed, but its gorgeous. Its got some awesome rocks that you can climb up and jump off.

Along the cliff

Along the cliff

Praia Do Ana

Praia Do Ana

Onto the next beach, this time going the  path that says ‘Dangerous Cliff’ as the guy said its got some amazing views, which is really does. Its rather sensational, and its postcard pictures at every corner. I love the contrast of the sandy yellow of the cliffs and sand with the crystal blue of the water. I get to a set of stairs going down. I forgot the name of the beach. But it wasn’t as good as the other two.



On my way down, I notice a little tunnel dug out and it takes you to another beach. So I walk through, and in the corner of my eye notice a topless girl. So on exiting whats a bloke to do with sunnies on, keep looking, only problem was that some guy decided to sit right at the exit of the tunnel completely naked with his package hanging out. Disturbing mental image. I go for a swim, then explore some more of the waters before going back for a bit of food and a nap.

I find an awesome portuguese take away store and get some chicken and chips for lunch, or afternoon tea. I suppose it depends how you look at it. I lounge about on the rooftop terrace eating my chicken before going back to Pinhao Praia for a late arvo swim and laze about.

I head back to the hostel and cook up some dinner and drink some beers. I talk to Shannon and Jeff and decide to go out later on. A few of the americans come back and I end up talking to them. We get booted off at about 11 and then make our way into town. Basically a repeat of last night, but wouldn’t be able to tell you half the places we went to, though Shannon and Jeff leave pretty early. And I just cruise around and find randoms to talk to. Not as massive as the last night but its till good fun.

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