Should I stay or Should I Go?

Sevilla, Spain – June 22nd 2009

I wake up not really sure of what I am going to do today. Should I stay or Should I go? I know if I stay, I will stay for a long time, if I go I get a few weeks to explore before I have to be in Pamplona.

I decide to just bolt, but I don’t have any accom in Spain and the only place I can get to from Lagos is Sevilla. Which is fine, because it was one place I really wanted to get to. I bid my farewell to Lagos after getting a ticket, some supplies and a goodbye to the hostel and its guests.

The bus is ok to start with, but gets packed at Faro. Its a long long bus ride. And when everyone who gets on at Lagos gets told they cannot eat on the bus, we all moan and whinge. Til we realise he cant see us eating behind the seats. So its a childish way of eating but it keeps me feed.

We get into Sevilla at about 8ish I think. The first thing that I notice is that its still freaking hot! Its about 35 degrees at 8 at night. Its gorgeous, the river is splendid but my god how hot does it want to get.

I laze about the hostel. Not really doing a lot. I just chat and laze about with fellow guests on the roof and in the computer room before calling it a night. Adios Amigos.

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