Lagos, Lagos, Lagos

Lagos – June 19th 2009

So its a repeat of the same. Breakfast. Sleep. And its a morning of contemplating what the hell I am going to do. Do I do the bolt down to Lagos, or do I stay another night in Lisbon. I suss out some accom options in Lagos and then decide to just go.

I get to the bus station, after a bit of a wander trying to find the place. Damn guidebook was wrong. Not for the first time though. The bus journey is fine, I fall asleep, and manage to get through 3 mountain goats albums. So its not all bad.

Getting into Lagos, I only get asked by one guy for accom. But I have stuff booked. I head off in search of it. And get disastriously lost trying to find the place. After a good 30 minutes of sweating it out with a backpack I find the place. Carlos House. I hear its a nice place, not hectic but a good nights rest. When you need it.

I am a little dismayed by the amount of people staying here. There is only another couple and myself. Kind of sucks. I spend the evening speaking to them and drinking some more fine portuguese cervaja’s. Later on a few (ok 6) people turn up, all americans. One of them is super cute and we catch eyes for a brief second. They hang and talk for a bit, before bolting for dinner. Jeff and Shannon, the Canuck couple, do the same not long after.

So I finish off my beer and decide to go for a wander. Its not too far down the road that I’m met by a spruiker. Those people who hand flyers out and try to get you into their bar/pub/club so they can get paid. I go to a few, have a few beers but it seems kind of dead. I head to a bar called Whytes and have a jug of cocktails whilst talking to a few randoms.

I start to get over it, so decide to do the bolt to another place. On my exit I run into the Americans, and they persuade me, well not much of a persuasion, but I decide to just hang out with them for the night.

We definiatly get our booze on though. Its a bit of a massive massive blur. We go from pubs to bar to clubs. A good ole bar hop. Love it. Rather boozy too.

At some point in the night, the girl who caught my attention is dancing with myself, and we basically spend the rest of the night hooking up and drinking. Definitely batted well above my weight there. Tomorrow morning is going to be dodgey.

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