The Neighbourhood is bleeding

Porto and Lisboa – June 15th 2009

The same routin comes in again. Wake up. Breakfast. Sleep. Do something. Its not a bad lifestyle to be honest.

Jacqui wants to go shopping, and well I didn’t really have any plans so I am tagging along. I look for a cheap bag I can take my things around in, but its not coming up Millhouse today. I try on a few shirts, but there shirt sizes here are weird, I couldn’t even fit into an L. What the hell is going on?

We go back to the hostel and laze on the lounge. Jacqui and Myself say our ‘sad’ goodbyes. Its ok, I am sure we’ll see each other in the future somewhere. And I set off to Lisboa.



The hike to the station isn’t as bad as the one I had coming in on that friday morning. And I get to the station within plenty of time. I even have time to buy food and drinks. It might be coming up Millhouse after all.

The train is pretty full, but compared to ones I have caught in Europe, these aren’t anything special. But its a smooth and quick ride into Lisboa. Once in Lisboa, I make my way to the Hostel, its in the old quarter Bairro Alto. I get out of the metro, and see one of the hottest girls I have seen ever (though this is set to be blown out of the water when I go east).

After checking my stuff in I go for a quick qalk around Chiado and Baixa. It seems to be the main shopping district, and there is a sprinkling of rain around. There are a lot of pracas (squares) as well. Its pretty cool.



Elevador De Santa Justa

Elevador De Santa Justa

I guess the only real downside, if you can call it that, I guess that depends on whether you actually like it or not, is that I have been offered a ridiculous amount of hashish from local guys on the street. Insane. It gets annoying though.

I see the Elevador De Santa Justa, which apart from being an elevator is a pretty inspiring looking building, it used to connect downtown with bairro alto.

I don’t do much in the night, after going to the mini market or mini preco, cook some food. I chill out with a few british guys and watch a movie and don’t get up to much else.

Note: On a side note, or a bottom note, however you look at it. I am not gonna upload a bunch of photos all the time, however, if you wish to see more of my photos I guess you can go to my facebook account they are all up there. Go here

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