Making it back to the Don

Leeds Castle – 30th May, 2009

After a very bright start to the day, Suze decides she wants to check out Leeds castle. Its on the way back to London, so we may as well pop in.

The drive isn’t too bad, but I desperately need some food, so after a brief corner store stop to grab some grub, we hit the motorway to the castle.

We get there, and theres already a tonne of cars there, it is a saturday but god seriouosly. We park the car and head to the ticket booth. And I at the sight of the ticket price I seriously start to reconsider and sit in the car and wait for her. But then there is a poster that is promoting a Jousting tournament. Sweet.

We go in and walk around, we have a few hours to kill before going to see some Jousting. We head for the hedge maze they have here. Stopping off at the bird aviaries, which is a pretty fine collection to be honest.

Toucan in the Aviary

Toucan in the Aviary

The maze is not big, but you certainly do get lost. I make my way to the top of the vantage point first and start laughing at the people getting lost, despite myself being in that predicament not long ago.

Over the Hedge.....maze

Over the Hedge.....maze

We head off into the Castle, and well its not exactly riveting, its a castle. I suppose its a more romantic castle, but romance isn’t really my forte.

Leeds Castle - Supposebaly one of the romantic in England.

Leeds Castle - Supposebaly one of the romantic in England.

Its getting to the time where the Jousting is going to start so we make our way there. And I’m thoroughly excited, then rivetingly let down by poor acting and no real jousting. Its so lame you cannot help but laugh a hell of a lot.

Not long after they start, Suze and I go back to the car and make our way to London. There’s an important game on this afternoon, the FA cup and well we’d both like to somehow watch it. Sadly the traffic outside the heathrow airport just isn’t cooperating with us that well. Oh well.

All in all it was a fairly good week of traveling, slightly over budget, but I blame the car rental for that. It was still a cool thing. Definitely an experience camping in spring in the UK. Not something I would do again, well I probably would.

Its only two weeks til I head off to Portugal now. And its looking better and better than London at the moment.

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