A tommy gun isn’t as good as an arrow

Brighton, Hastings and Battle – May 29th 2009

So we set off in a suprisingly sunny sort of day not far to Brighton. Which is meant to be the beachside suburb in the UK. Or one of them anyway. We get in, and I fuck up the tyre going into the parking lot. Oh well, thats what insurance is for right.

We walk down towards the beach and the promenade. The most famous thing in Brighton is the old school pier with amusement rides. And I don’t think there is much else. I was much more fascinated with the Wrecked pier to the west of the main pier. Something made it much more surreal than a money making rip off jaunt.

Wrecked Pier

Wrecked Pier

The pier was still alright, its just, I dunno, I’m not exactly into these things. It was fun to look at for a bit. And cruise around the pier. But nothing special.

On the way back to the car, we run into a fish and chip shop to grab some food. Only problem is, they give it to us straight away. It takes like utter filth, I much prefer our good stuff back in Australia.

We head off, and we go to a place called Hastings, only cause mum has asked me to go there to take photos of it. Its a real pretty town. And we just go up to the castle and see some pretty stunning views of the coast and what not.



We head off into Battle, apparently this is where our family came from as well. Well this area in general. Before we were shipped off with the convicts. I don’t know if we were convicts, but its a funny line. I take a few pictures of what mum wanted, then we go to the Battle Abbey and Battlefield.

It was actually a really interesting place to go. In case you don’t know, the place is where the Battle of Hastings took place in 1066, when William the Conquerer defeated the english and became king of england. It was here that King Harold was shot in the eye by an archers arrow and William became king, later coronated in Westminster Abbey, where all monarchs are now coronated. The tour is rather informative and gives you a play by play version of events, it was a pretty epic battle for the time. The abbey is basically in ruins, but a stone marks the spot where Harold was shot in the ‘eye’, as the legend goes.

The site of the Battle of Hastings

The site of the Battle of Hastings

We set off to go find a campsite, and when we find one, its way windy and cold. And I cannot even remebmer the town but it was very very dodgey, the campsite was nice though. We go pick up some food and bring it back to eat. I basically try to stay as warm as possible by sitting in the car before going to bed. Boring huh.

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