Miserable weather and some rocks

Bath, Stonehenge and Avebury – May 27th 2009

We wake up to some pretty terrible looking weather, and then it rains. Just to make it a little better right. We drive into town and park the car. I leave suze to do whatever she wants in bath, as I’ve been here before. So I go and grab a coffee and wait about and check out some shops.

We then hit the car up, and drive our way east towards a small place called Avebury, famous for having a large stone circle that isnt as popular as the one we go to later on. On the way we pass through a town called ‘Box’ and both immediatly laugh and stop the car to take stupid photos. As one does. As we drive through, I secretely hope for a box inn or something along those lines. That doesn’t happen, but we get out to Avebury not long after.

A 40 year old Box...I mean 40mph speed limit in box...take that as you will.

A 40 year old Box...I mean 40mph speed limit in box...take that as you will.

Avebury is said to have the biggest stone circle in the UK, more eerie than stonehenge and its got a town stuck in the middle of it. We park the car, but refuse to pay the parking fee, so suze rings her mum up and gets her national park number so we don’t have to pay for it. Sweet. We then go trudging through fields of goats as well as goat poo. Not to mention massive boulders you can get pretty close too. It was a pretty cool sight, and rather interesting. Considering its history.

One section of the Avebury Circle

One section of the Avebury Circle

We then drove down to the famous stonehenge. Where you pay to get in and its not as good as it seems. Though we did only pay 2 quid to get in. It was still ok, not great, but it was definitely interesting to get up and close to it. But there is only so many rocks you can take. Its also a pity the crowd is still massive despite the terrible conditions.

Oh look big rocks.

Oh look big rocks.

Just hanging with my homies

Just hanging with my homies

We head off to get to a campsite in Salisbury, pitch the tent, then head into town for a feed. As well as watching the Champions League game in a pretty sweet pub. It was even sweeter when Man utd got down by Barca FC. And the koppabergs were just as nice.

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