A ferry ride to the O2.

London – 16th May 2009.

Suze and I are keen on going to this exhibiton at the O2 arena. However the jubilee line (the one that runs to the arena is shut for the day) and we have to make alternative transport. So the only really good way to get there is to catch a ferry to the O2.

We met outside the embankment station and wait for the ferry. Its quite a slow ride down the river. So we entertain ourselves with stupid self portraits and what not. At one stage, we have to slow right down as someone apparently jumped into the river from a bridge. We think its a hoax, til we actually see forensic cops turn up in a boat. Interesting.

We get to the O2 and make our way inside, we going to see bodyworlds. Which is an exhibition about the human body by Gunther Van Hogens. He uses a technique called plastination which keeps the body firm and moveable.

He uses it to educate people about the human body, from blood vessels, to diseases, to how the body moves and works, to conception.

The whole exhibition is done exceedingly well. And for two people who are highly into this sort of anatomy and physiology its highly interesting. Theres a few random wtf moments like a massive horse, and the giant giraffe at the end. But its all well thought out and definitely worth the money for it. However, the only bad thing is, no photos. So we don’t get any. But if it comes to your town check it out.

We go have some lunch at pizza express, as its 2 for 1 with a bodyworlds ticket. Then head outside, we walk around the outside of the massive dome that is the O2 for a bit. Then see a bronze stripe on the ground. We then realise this is the Greenwich Meridian Line. So as you can tell we be complete and utter idiots and take stupid photos. Classy bunch aren’t we.

We then make our way down to the David Beckham Academy is. I didnt even know he had one! But we do the same here and take stupid photos. The place is shut however.

We then head on the ferry for the long and slow ride back to Embankment, before catching our respective tube rides home.

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