Back to London

Paris, Amsterdam, London -18th April 2009

So its with great regret that this is the last bit of my little 2 week sojourn in europe. Its been pretty enjoyable. And has given myself a taste of what is to come over summer. Wooo.

Anyway I make my way to Gare De Nord train station, and pick up my Thaylys ticket (TGV train). I go and grab a baguette from the stand. As soon as I got my change, a beggar tugs at me and asks for change. I promptly say no, but shes persistant and keeps trying. Despite my constant no’s she goes for it one last time. To which my basic reply was “I said fucking no the first time, fuck off!”.

The train is rather smooth, and quick. Its not long til I am at Schipol airport and waiting for my flight back to London Heathrow. I grab some bad food (BK) and then head to the gate. This plane is a lot bigger than the last one I caught. Pity about the inflight meal which is a cookie. So by the time I get to London I am starving.

I head back and crash. Pity straight forward.

It was a good introduction to travel in europe. Its pretty straight forward. And not as expensive as I first though. The couchsurfing experience was one I want to try to do again in the future if I can.

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