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Lords and Abbey Road

So, back to the daily grind of London working. Its lame. But to make myself feel better I decide to go on a bit of a journey to one of the great grounds of the world. And seeing as I won’t be here to enjoy watching the ashes (do not get me started on that….still annoyed at that series) or a game there I decide to go for a tour of Lords Cricket Ground.

I make my way on the tube over to St Johns Woods station. And walk down to the ground. Its a short walk, and not too far away. The security guard lets myself in and directs me to the museum, where for a pricely fee you get a tour and a visit to the museum.

Walking around the museum, its pretty inspiring to see a range of relics from Australian players. Rather touching.

The tour starts off taking us up to the top of the museum, to show us the Ashes urn. A small little urn, supposebly with burnt cricket bails inside of it. There is  a big controversy over this little ‘trophy’ in that it never leaves the MCC (Marylebone Cricket Club) hands despite who wins the trophy (Australia winning it for the last 20 years, except on 2 occassions. So we don’t get the chance to see it too often. Its not so magnificent, but its truly special and its a spine tingeling experience.

He takes us into the Members stand and the long room, which has one of the best views of Lords. Before taking us up to the Visitors dressing room, where you can look out from the players balcony. I get the tour guide in trouble for taking photos outside on the balcony of the ground (the thing said no photos inside so I thought I was fine – apparently not). But up on either side of a rather modern change room, is 2 boards with every player who takes a 5 wicket haul and every player who scores a century here. Its every players dream to do either at this historic ground.

We head off to the side stand, and you can see how close you are to the pitch, it doesn’t seem like a big ground at all. Before taking us up into the Media Center.

To be honest, I don’t think I could do a stadium tour. Of any stadium, despite how big or how grand. But this is different, its the home of cricket. It still retains some old charm. And that famous slope is outrageous. Its definitely recommended if you like sports or cricket.

After going through the museum again, hey I am a cricket buff, I go up the road a bit. If you don’t know Abbey Road is a short 5 minute stroll from Lords Cricket Ground.

Now for those living under a rock for the last 30-40 odd years, would know what Abbey Road means. It means 2 things, The Beatles, and Abbey Roads Studio. One of the most famous album photos is shot out the front of the studies there. 4 young chaps walking across the pedestrain strip.

Its a bit lame, and its very touristy. There is a wall with a tonne of graffiti as well as the studios. But its not that special. It is, but it isn’t if you get what I mean. Its a special place for beatles fans (and I am not a huge fan by anymeans) but they are an important part of music history. So its definitely worth a trip for a few minutes if you have nothing else to do in London.

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