Happy Easter

Brussels – 12th April 2009

Happy Easter y’all….no chocolate, yet.

My couchsurfing host is a champ. And goes out and gets all these rolls for breakfast. Awesome. Good filling start to the day.

I walk up towards the Palace of Justice. Its a massive building situated on a hill in Brussels. Its quite big, and massive. When it was built it was the 2nd biggest building in the world, 2nd only to St Peters Basillica in Roma. Even the stairs are huge. But its a sunday, so its not even open. But the view down over most of Brussels is pretty special.

I catch an elevator down to the ghetto. Well it looks pretty ghetto. A bunch of really dilapidated buildings. But there is a market going on with plenty of knick knacks being sold. I see an old school TV with an actual dial knob as well as some old old old vinyl. Man, glad I dont have much room in my backpack!

I walk through the streets up towards the Kathedral. Whilst doing this I get amazed by more street cartoons on the walls. Very cool. Sydney take note of this, it would make things a lot better in the city. I stumble upon a skate park with no one skating and imagine lines in my head. Then I stumble upon a skatepark that has a massive bowl and a tonne of people skating. Where’s my board when you need one.

I make the short hike up to Brussels Kathedral. Its just a church, but I take a quick look around. Its fairly boring, standard, run of the mill church. But then again I am in Europe, you are sort of spoiled for churches. If this were in Australia it would be pretty popular attraction.

I grab some proper belgium chocolate. From the supermarket, the stuff in the chocolate stores is massively expensive and not worth it. And I graze on this as I make my way up to the unknown solider and obelisk. Then to a park thats near the royal palace. I laze about here for a while. Soaking up the rays.

Although Brussels is a cool city, and its been interesting. 2 days was probably a little too much for myself. But Belgium has been pretty overwhelming. A country I didn’t really expect much from. The hospitality and friendliness of the people has been amazing. Its a country that really suprised myself a lot.

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