Day of the dead

Paris – 15th April 2009

I get up early and head across to the Catacombes. Its before 10, and there is a massive line curling down the street already. By the time I reach the entrance, the electronic device telling you the amount of people was well into 150 territory.

Heading down the stairs, it gets a little creepy. And there is a tonne of underground walkways to get through before actually entering the Catacombes. But once there you get amazed at the fact there is hundreds and thousands of bones around. And all arranged in a beautiful, yet eerily morbid way. It really is pretty amazing to see such a thing, and to realise why this occured. Its a labyrinthe full of bones. It winds its way for well over a 1km underground. Pretty unreal.

After heading up for some fresh air, and noticing bones on the counter. To which the security guy said someone was trying to steal. I’m more amazed that someone actually wanted to steal a persons bone, why the hell would you want a bone for. Idiots. I start to make my way towards another place with a one way entrance.

I head across town to the Perre La Chaise Cemetary. Some of you may have heard of it. But its one of the most famous and most visited cemetaries in the world.

The first port of call is actually trying to locate where these people have their graves. I go a bit easy and just try to hit 3 famous people. Chopin, Morrison, and Wilde.

The first one I stumbled upon was Chopin, the famous composers. He had a rather elegant gravestone, that was really easy to spot. The next one was Jim Morrison, which was kind of hard, mainly cause he’s hidden in a crop of graves.

The one thing I do like about these foreign cemetaries is that they have unreal mausoleoms that are amazing. This is a pretty interesting cemetary, in parts its overgrown and looks creepy, where as in other parts its clean and well manicured.

The last one I found was Oscar Wilde. He had a pretty impressive gravestone. Rather impressive. And he was right at the back of the cemetary. So I decide to be weird and have some lunch with old mate Oscar. It is definitely one of the better tombs Ive seen.

I spice things up a little bit, and then head up to Montmatre. I start to walk up the hill to the Basillica de Sacre Cour. Yet get stopped by one of those dodgey guys with the wrist band things. Funny thing is, I let him go and do it as I know I have limited money, actually all shrapnel, and when he asks for money I simple offer up all I have. Score.

I then head up on top of the hill at Montmatre, and soak up the view that is there. There are a tonne of people around, just chilling, drinking, jamming and having a good time. I head into Sacre Cour for a bit and a look around. As I say, seen one church seen them all basically.

I then walk around the artist part of the hill, there are a tonne of people doing portraits for those gullible enough to pay. I walk around the back streets and stumble upon a Dali Museum, before realising its gonna cost too much. Then head back and grab a crepe. One of the best tasting I have had.

I end up checking out the Arc De Triomphe and see how it goes in the daylight. Its pretty cool. There are some cool memorials underneath it, with the unknown solider and plaques to all the battles the french have been involved in.

Later that night I end up in a bar down from Richards (CS host) and him and his mate are watching another champions league semi…can someone give me some rugby league please? We drink some beer and watch Man Utd v Porto. I hope Porto win, but no its a lost cause when Ronaldo pumps in a corker of a goal. Disappointed we head back to sleep.

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2 thoughts on “Day of the dead

  1. okay, i loved this post.

    a random note about chopin – upon his death he had his heart removed and brought back to his native warsaw.

    i don’t like paris, however. the parisians leave a sour taste in my mouth.


  2. thirstybackpacker on said:


    wow, definitely a random note. interesting though.

    Yeah, the parisians do leave a sour taste in your mouth. I found them to be very arrogant and rude.


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