Another day in Belgium

Ghent, Belgium – 10th April 2009

So I get up and go pretty early by my standards. I am out the door by about 9ish. Weird I know. But I head to this cool chic outdoor cafe for a latte and breakfast. Not a bad way to start the friday morning. Though its pricey, I try not to convert it over to the Aussie Dollar.

I walk into the main square in Ghent, where you have 3 churches all in a row and go to the Belfort. Its a big bell tower basically. After buying a ticket and climbing up the small staircases, I walk into this room when all of a sudden the bell decides to start going off. Scared the bejebus out of me. The view from the top was pretty unreal, though there was a lot of construction works going on which didn’t make it as impressive as the Belfort in Brugge.

I go and sit on the Graslei for lunch. Which consists of a baguette with ham and cheese. Yeah Cheap skating it. I watch people go by, canals float past as my legs dangle over the side. Not to mention that you can smell the students smoking nearby as that smell of hash drifts by.

I am pretty shocked that I can hear construction going on nearby. Mainly becuase its Good Friday and no one usually works at home on this day. Weird.

I go wandering back alleys and get a bit lost. I also go to this pretty cool gothic church. Though the inside was a bit dull and it had a real pungent “old” person smell to it. Its quite a pretty but incomplete looking church.

I cook some pasta as night falls before heading out into the town of Ghent. Sparkling canals and there is a lot of people wandering and milling about in pubs and clubs.

I grab some more Frites with ketchup and mayo before grabbing a few beers and having them on the Graslei. Where upon arrival, across the other side of the canal a very drunken man lets go of his bodily fluids into the canal. Interesting. Don’t go swimming in the canals in Ghent.

On my way to the bar I find this alleyway that is chock full of Graffiti. Wow. I meet up with my host (who by this stage seems to be grossing me out maybe she is a bit weird, oh well) and her friends. I basically sit at this weird bar and drink belgian beer after belgian beer.

They then drag me off to this lame bar that has very terrible drink prices. Not to mention pretty terrible music. We go back to my hosts place and chill out whilst playing a pretty lame game. I head the hay as its fucking boring as batshit. It was like watching paint dry! Thank god I leave her place tomorrow. Off to Brussels with no accomodation yet!

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