Getting out of Amsterdam

Amsterdam and Surrounds – 7th April 2009

So another late start. Definitely becoming a major habit. I have some decent yoghurt and go to the station to buy a ticket to Ghent, Belgium for tomorrow.

I then make my way to the bike hire place as I’ve decide to go hire a bike for half the day. Well for most of the day and head out of Amsterdam. The lady at the bike shop was only too happy to recommend a route to take and get myself into the Dutch Countryside.

Heading out through Amsterdam, much easier than it was yesterday. I find myself going over the Amstel river and following it along. Its not long til I have to cross back to the West side of the river. And its not long after that til there are no buidlings around at all. Just plenty of flat green land around. The odd tree.

Its not long along the Amstel River that I hit my first Windmill. A lot better than that crummy one we saw yesterday on our bike tour of Amsterdam. The views just outside of Amsterdam of the countryside are pretty outstanding. Its a very scenic bike ride.

I get to a random township about an hour or 2 out of Amsterdam and decide to grab some food. There are no decent shops bar the supermarket. I find it refreshing that when I go to buy things there they don’t speak a word of english. Sweet. I grab some food for a good sandwich and sit on the pier looking over the amstel river and contemplate what it is that I am doing.

I cruise back to Amsterdam via De Bois. Which is Amsterdams ‘forest’ but its more like a big park with massive fields, some woodlands and a lot of sporting complexes. Its a cool little park, with enough space and greenery for everyone to have their own space.

I make my way back into Amsterdam and go by the Olympic Stadium accidently – its not that grand but its still pretty cool. I ride back through Vondelpark and chill at the back where we stopped yesterday.

My legs are starting to ache massively. I think I’ve been riding for a good 5 hours. Ouch. So I drop the bike off and go for a walk to the Rijskmuseum, thinking it would be good. Though there are some decent paintings from masters like Rembrandt and Van Eyck its a little boring. The Van Gogh Museum seemed a bit better, but thats my opinion, there seems to be more realism in Van Gogh, probably relate more to his work than Rembrandt though.

So it brings me to now, opening a beer and writing down my memories of the day and days. I really didnt plan on becoming so involved with Amsterdam. But I have really come to terms with this city, it has become a favourite for its laid back and relaxed attitude to life. Its a beautiful city that has so many gorgeous buildings, canals and odds and ends that you could come back time and time again.

It isn’t a hectic night, Adriana and Jen left, a new CSer came. One of Roses friends was over and we had some awesome burgers. Nice juicy ones. Its a chilled out night. Playing guitar, learning songs and playing old ones. My last night in Amsterdam and it hasn’t once lived up to the debauced nature that its percieved as, but thats why I’ve come to love the placee. My first CS experience and it was genuinely awesome.

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