The Boat Race

29th March 2009 – Thames Riverbank

There is a slight tradition in London that usually comes in Late March. That is the Oxford vs Cambridge Boat race. Every year the two boat crews from the famous universities compete on the thames for bragging rights.

I get on the tube rather late, and end up sharing the tube carriage with a 200 people. Ok maybe a slight exaggeration but there was a lot. Getting off at Putney, there is a swell of people milling about. There is about 5-10 minutes left before the race starts. So I make my way to the riverside where it starts.

I end up standing on top of a bench to get a good view – definitely need to get there early though. And wait for 2 minutes before the boats are off and racing. Quite quickly I might add. At this stage you see a bunch of people run off to pubs to watch the rest.

So I join them, running up to the first pub and watching the race on an old tv in a shady pub. Its pretty close to the last bend when oxford pull clear and steamroll ahead and win.

I meet up with Matt and Suze and we proceed to drink at a pub, then get some offies and drink on the street. Before going to some random pub on the way to someones house.

I ditch them early and head off to go to a gig. Joey Cape is playing an acousitc set over at Islington so I do the bolt over there to see him play. I struggle to find the venue, its hidden in a shopping center. Basically a bar and thats it. I get there and theres no one selling tickets. The security guy is like ‘why are you late there is not tickets left’. Whoops. But I basically say I was gonna buy one on the door and I had to come from West London and the trains were delayed and not working the whole track. So he just let me in. Free of charge. Nice. The set was pretty good. A good selection of his own solo songs, with some covers chucked in. Pretty fucking impressive.

I rush out to get the last tube home, and just make it onto the picadilly line. Late nights with early mornings dont mix. So once I get back its straight to bed. boring huh.

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