Cut it off

So we all awake fairly late. Again. I sense a pattern occuring here. As with yesterday I hang out with the girls and do some things with them. We all seem to be getting along with them. They’re all over here in Europe studying in France which is super cool.

A few of us go for a walk around the Kerkstraat markets and grab a coffee whilst checking them out. And basically wait for the others to get ready.

We decide to go to the Van Gogh museum nice and early. Its a nice walk, walking along the canal near the 2 main museums in town. Its even really nice out, mid teens at the least. Pity I dont have any thongs over to wear. Its pretty expensive to get into the Van Gogh museum, I sort of baulk at the asking price but just do it as the museum is probably worth it seeing as the exhibit is definitely worth it.

The exhibit thats on is call ‘The colours of the night’. It was all about Van Goghs obsession with painting and illustrating the night sky. it had his two famous Starry nights. When you first see it, I wasn’t really expecting it. Spine tingling is a way of putting it. I basically pull up a seat on the floor and admire it for a long time. Dipika also decides to join in with my seating arrangement. And we had a cool conversation about the painting and its meaning. As we get up to move on we realise we started a bit of a trend and everyone around was sitting down too.

Considering that exhibit the rest of the museum is a let down. But you still get to see a lot of his paintings ranging from his life and different eras. Pretty sensational looking back on it.

We leave and search for some sort of food to consume as we’re all pretty hungry. Halfway through though Emily has to bid her farewell as she is off to Berlin. A farewell for a pretty cool girl.

We find a cool little place on the canal and end up having some Bagels whilst chilling there. Its definitely an awesome place to have lunch. Not a bad view at all. We also share a massive baguette that goes down well.

We then go off in search of a bike hire store to go on a bit of a biking expedition. Amsterdam is famous for a few things weed, sex and bikes. When you exit the train station there is a massive bike parking lot that has to be seen. So we want to be a local for the afternoon basically.

We get to the bikes and off we set. It seems sketchy at first, riding without a helmet and on roads with cars. But they always give way to you. Score. We go in search of a Windmill for the girls to see, and find one. Though its fairly poor. Its not really that good.

After that we cruise along the canals toards vondelpark. Its a really cruisey and awesome way to see Amsterdam. Much easier than trying to walk it. We cruise through the park and its massive, but it looks fairly overgrown in parts. We end up at the back of the park for a rest. Theresa gets amused by two pigeons who are copying each other. Random.

We cruise around the streets again, but myself and dipika lose the other 3 girls. So we just set off in a random direction and see some cool sights of Amsterdam. Ones you don’t really see that often. On the way back to the bike hire place, I make a turn to get there and Dipika must not have seen me turn cause straight after I turn around and she isn’t there. I ride around a bit but don’t find here so I head back to the bike shop and wait for the girls.

Theresa, Alison and genn turn up after about 5 minutes. Then Dipika turns up 5 minutes after that. A sigh of relief goes over me.

We go back to our hosts and decide to cook them dinner. Which is basically a massive amount of Pasta. Its actually pretty decent and suprisingly filling. The girls bring out their space cake they brought earlier at a coffee shop and it tastes like pure rubbish and it doesn’t do a whole lot but provide a bit of a headache.

Theres a few others staying tonight a cool girl named Adriana and one of her friends. We sort of get on well, we dont realise how well we get on til later when we chat on facebook. Adriana, Adam and her friend head off to a gig that didnt appeal to myself.

The girls and I chill out in the house. Drink a few beers. And then they head to bed. Its the last time I see the girls before they leave and we say our goodbyes. Hopefully we can hang out in the future if things turn out that way. If I ever get to the East coast of the states. They have turned out to be some really cool companions over the last few days.

Its not long after that, that I drift off to bed and fall asleep on the floor.

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