Drink til we’re gone

Amsterdam – 5th April 2009

So we kind of overslept, a lot. We did aim to get up at 10. But we end up leaving at about noon. The girls invite me to tag along with them, which I kindly oblige to. Always good to have some company around.

We catch a tram up, this city is full of them. Everywhere. Not as much as the bikes but we will get to that at another time. We get off at Dam Square, and there is a cool monument that is pretty dull, yet its the national monument. Weird. We grab a coffee – one of the best I have had and then start our walk to Anne Frank Huis.

We get kind of lost going there. A few miss turns and backtracks and were back walking over a canal. On the way over the canal one of the girls spots a Ben & Jerry’s Ice cream boat and promptly screams out to it. They ask if we want some Ice cream and we readily accept it. And its free. Bargain. So our lunch is spent sitting on the canals of the river and eating ice cream. Nice.

We then line up outside the Anne Frank Huis. The line goes around the corner, though it moves quick, it still takes a while. I didn’t really expect a great deal from the house itself. Yeah its small and its not that fancy. But I do find it quite moving. Seeing the videos at the end of the house made me realise we really shouldn’t forget about the past, and use that to help us progress forward in the world today.

We go off in search of the Van Gogh museum and see the I Amsterdam sign in Museumplein. We do the tourist thing and pose for photos. Then the girls get accosted, ok maybe not accosted, but tried to get talked into doing a pub crawl by a bunch of Australian guys…I sit on top of the T and laugh at the going ons. We go to get into the Van Gogh Museum but its near closing time. So instead we chill out in Museumplein and just people watch and chat.

We head back to our hosts place, and decide to cook them dinner, but the supermarket is shut. We get some beers though somewhere and I get a dirty kebab which isn’t too bad.

The night  is a chilled out night. We basically play guitar, chat, smoke, and drink the night away. After that we end up at a nearby irish pub in the smoking room – which is quite hazy. I haven’t seen such a dingy smoking room in a long time. We end up walking around Ledseplein and cruising around the streets. We see some cool sights like the Riksjmuseum all light up and some cool canals. Beautiful city.

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