Amsterdam – 4th April 2009

So whilst doing my washing last night, I somehow managed to put my phone through the wash. Not just the wash, but also the drier. It basically fried itselve. So I end up looking for a phone in the morning and getting the usual supplies that I may be running low on – deoderant, soap, socks, undies, etc. Boring stuff.

I say goodbye to Edi and a few of the gang and head off to the Airport. The train ride is fairly packed, I guess it is school holidays. And the check in was rather effortless. God bless internet check in. I spend an hour cruising through duty free and buying a pair of ipod headphones. Before grabbing a feed and waiting for the plane.

On boarding the plane, I realise it may be a little rougher than normal. its a tiny tiny plane. Smallest I have been on. A total of 15 seat aisles. And propellers. I end up chatting to Chris and one of the air hostess for most of the trip and on arrival Chris, Matt and myself end up going for a walk when we get into Amsterdam and then going to my CS host (couchsurfing) and chilling there with beer.

When I get to Adam and Rose’s I press the number they gave me 3 times, But it didn’t answer. So I start to shit myself thinking they’ve gone out. But then I look over and see their names on a doorbell. Whoops. I see what happened there. Oh well.

We meet the other CSers (Dipika, Genn, Theresa, Emily and Allison) as well as Adam and Rose our host. Its a definite experience. The fact they let 6 complete strangers in their home and are so welcoming and friendly is completely awesome. I love this kind of hospitality.

We walk up to the famed Red Light District. A place thats filled with a tonne of horny guys. Red lights. And girls in fluorescent lingerie. Its all a bit funny to be honest. Its definitely an eye opener. I burst out in laughter more than once. Particularly when one of the girls taps the window and tries to dance ‘seductively’ in other weirds awkward and unattrative dancing. We actually find a little house that is lined on either side with windows for the shoppers perusal. And I think I was more amazed at the amount of closed windows. Shocking.

All of us head to this little bar for the rest of the night. We drink a lot of beer. Some of them smoke. But its all really fun and easy going. Just getting to know everyone. Its not a total lets get fucked up night. But more about getting to know everyone which is cool. We still get pretty drunk though. Its all in good fun though.

From first impressions this seems like a really cool, laid back and vibrant city. Minus the red lights. It wasn’t all rush rush and not the hustle and bustle that is London. The people that I am staying with are super friendly. This is gonna be a fun time. I crash on a inflatable mattress, coinking out to some Death Cab tunes.

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