White stuff….where did this come from?

Snow Day – 2nd February 2009

There had been some reports that it was going to snow. And seeing as I am still on casual work I have to get up early just in case I get called in. But when I check outside, there is about 25cms of the fluffy white stuff. It was a wonderful sight. Considering it doesn’t snow very much in London itself, and never this much.

But it had a profound effect on the transport system. The buses were down. So was the Tube. So no work today. Sweet. We head out of the hostel in warm clothes and have an impromptu snow fight in the middle of south kensington. Hiding behind BMW’s and Mercs whilst plowing people with snowballs was an incredible amount of fun. This continued most of the day.

We went up to Kensington Gardens and walked around. Made snow angels. More snow fights. Tackled snow men. And walked around this winter wonderland. Its unreal and definitely straight out of a storybook.

Later on I end up at the Tower Bridge, going to Joey’s and Owen’s pub. We end up down at city hall, where they built a yowie snowman. And some guy was busting out on a snowboard off the steps outside City Hall. We have some more snowfights, plus plenty of beers. As we also have tomorrow off.Good times in London Town.

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