Stuck In London

Various Dates – London

There is one thing about being stuck in London. Its the fact that no matter what you intend to do on the weekend. You will always. I mean ALWAYS. Find yourself at a pub or drinking somewhere.

Which is why I decided to do just a collaborative post about some experiences I have had with London and Drinking.

Like the time we went to Joey’s and Owens for a few quiet beers. It turned into a massive night to quote the hold steady. We have a few beers, but its not long til they get the bow and arrow out. A proper bow and arrow. And somehow we turn it into a drinking game. If you miss the target you shot schnapps – a terrible type of schnapps but. We end up going down into the pub cellar (they live above a pub that owen basically runs) and end up doing keg lifting and waiting for the last guests to leave the pub before a lock in occurs. Somehow it turns nasty, we’re drinking vodka and beam from the bottle. And a lot of childish stacks on occurs. Pretty sure it was hectic. Somehow I manage to fracture some poor polish guys ribs as he tried to tackle me, and I revert it on him. Whoops. It gets late, but its still dark outside. Then Suze taps matt and myself on the shoulder and goes ‘we should probably go guys’ and then realising its about 7 in the morning. Massive night. That tube ride home was the worst.

The other time when we went to Matts for a quiet drink. Instead we end up at a bar up the road and haivng ‘one last beer’. Which kept going to close.

The amount of drunken nights at clapham grand. Seediest place on earth.

Drunken hostel parties.

The list goes on really. Sunny afternoons in the park, having a picnic of beer.

It doesn’t matter what it is, but as I said, whatever you have planned, you always tend to have a drink in your hand by the end of the day!

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