She’ll Be Right

London – Australia Day

So Australia day to me, is chilling at someones house and listening to the hottest 100. Not really a big patriotic act. But its a cool way to celebrate a day. Well considering the reason why its a national holiday, it makes you feel a bit shit.

But anyway, I get up fairly early and head over to Matt and Nikkis for some morning beverages. Which turn out to be vodka and red bull. What a good start to do the day. and its only about 9am.

We head off to Shepards Bush, getting the tube there from Hammersmith. We get there and notice a massive line to get into the Walkie, which isnt even open yet. So we go to a weatherspoons. Not because its good but because its cheap. And start consuming 1 pound beers. Some drink vodka red bulls. But its a good start to the day. We even get some fake tattoos. I find it humourous I get a aussie one with love hearts. Awesome!

We head into the walkie, and start downing snakebites. And just chilling. Things get messy. We get really drunk. A lot. I remember at one stage we were gonna get pies. But that never eventuates. Its basically a bunch of Australians living in London getting massively drunk. Nothing wrong with that. But at times it seems like there are a lot of wankers around. You know the type who have no idea about the reason behind the day or why its important. They see it as a day to get pissed.

I remember Nikki at one stage whipping her card out to buy drinks, then going to the toilets to change into a prison outfite. Random. Good times indeed.The hangover isn’t!

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