Such Great Heights

Les Deux Alpes – France – 16th to the 20th February

Well, a mid term break and someone came up with the bright idea to go snowboarding in the French Alps. With a little last minute flight booking and a quick bag pack I go to Joey’s sleep there and wake up at some ungodly hour to get to Gatwick Airport for a flight to Grenoble. I pick up some headphones on the way and then we get our seats at the back of the plane. We get into Grenoble at about 10am, get a stamp on the passport before getting to Grenoble at about 11ish and picking up the hire car to drive to Les Deux. The drive in is pretty scenic. Something amazing and spectacular about seeing 4000m high mountains covered in snow. And dreaming of the possibilities that are about to come up.

We get to the town in the arvo at about 1ish or so, Joey and I go to get some hire gear before we go and trudge up the mountain as we’re tight arses and are not paying 25 euros for a half day pass. Its my first time, but it doesnt take too long before I have the hang of it. But still stack it plenty of times. It doesn’t take myself long before I am starting to do little jumps and carving ok.

The Apres Ski parties are definitely great. First night was hectic. As we say in London “Shit has escalated”. And it escalated massively that night. We polished off a bottle of bundy rum, and move onto another. As well as a case of beer, served chilled straight from the snow. We head out to the bars and clubs. It ends up being a fairly massive night. And the effects are in full effect the next morning. Especially Owen, who struggles up the mountain – nearly spewing in the gondala up the mountain. Then being unable to board down, so he walks down and spews the majority of the way. He spends the rest of the day in bed. Joey and myself get off a little better and are able to hit the slopes for the majority of the day. The night sessions seem to continue all the time. Its a hard life, but its definitely not as expensive as I once thought.

We have a pretty rad time and its definitely got myself hooked on the snow. I aim to get back before I jet off back to Australia at the end of the year.

We have another shit escalates moment. Mainly due to terrible french motorways. I was asleep for most of the trip and Joey was navigating. We see the turn off and didn’t actually realise that was it til just after. And had to wait 30 minutes down the road, to actually get off so we could do a U turn. We end up at the airport about 5 minutes too late to get the flight. And we have to make our way to Lyon to actually get back to London. That makes everyone 100 pounds lighter in the wallet. But I guess thats a part of traveling. If thats the worst of it, then there isn’t much to worry about. Definitely a story to tell.

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