London – Tate Museum – 31st January 2009.

I’ve become a bit of a lounge liard whilst being stuck here in London. I haven’t exactly done much on the weekends but drink. Nothing wrong but I am in a foreign city and I cannot help but figure that I am wasting my time by not doing things. I recruite Matt to get a little cultured and head to the Tate Modern.

Its actually a good day, really sunny. But its seriously windy. Extremely windy. The walk from the tube stop to the Tate is quite nice. There was some awesome photo ops of St Pauls and the gallery (which is in an old turbine hall). Walking across the millenium bridge you can actually feel it swing in the wind.

The Tate modern is one of the best contempary art museums in the world. The gallery itself is pretty massive. And has some impressive artworks. Some Picassos and the like are in there. Its quite impressive.

Though there are some things that are just plain stupid. And don’t really scream art. Really can a large piece of canvas painted white or yellow or black actually be considered art. Anyone can do that. It makes no sense. Its rather humorous that its called art.

We enter this one exhibit with 4 video projectors. We walk in and start to laugh immediatly, whilst everyone else is just taking it all in calmly. Mind you we were laughing at a graphic scene of one guy dancing around naked whilst pulling out his mangina aka the mangina dance. And another of a guy physically pulling and twisting his own penis and making it bleed. Quite disturbing really.

After we get cultured at the Tate we go back to matts and have a feed of omelettes. And then decide to get cultured in a different way by going to the Off Licence and getting beer. Before heading out to Clapham to go to the grand. A club in Clapham Junction. Its a bit of a lame club, but its the people there. Theres a few people from Uni there and it turns out to be a good night.

It turns out to be a pretty weird and fantastic day. Its weird to consider I’ve only been away for just over a month. Only another 11 to go.

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