Where art though?

Minack Theatre – 12th July, 2009

The owner of the hostel recommended I check out a place called Minack Theatre and trekking around to Lands End. But it seemed to long for my liking, especially in this kind of weather. The first typical english day – wet and windy.

I did get to Minack Theatre today though. I get off the bus into a dry wind, but on the hike up to the theatre (which is up a big hill) it starts to pour down with rain.

I really do not know what to expect. But Porthcurno bay on the left is pretty impressive. Some hardy souls are out there having a surf.

After a trusty hike, I am at the place. It costs 3 pounds to get in. But its actually pretty worthwhile. The theatre was actually built by hand by a lady just before the ww2. Entirely by hand. Its carved into the side of a cliff. Behind the stage, it basically drops down into the Atlantic Ocean below. Impressive. It was closed during the war, but she crept in to keep it in shape. Amazing really.

Its pretty impressive, and it would be worthwhile to come back and see a performance. But I probably wont get a chance to do so. It is a cool little setting.

I have basically made the choice to get ‘stuck’ in London for a bit. Basically work for a bit, save the money I have and hang out til its a bit warmer to head to get stuck into Europe. I know I know. Shameful. But I have a working visa and I may as well use that otherwise its a waste of a few hundred bucks.

Despite the end of the travels thus far, there will be more to come. A lot of things in London that I did like museums, days out, drinking escapades, snow day, working experiences, and some european adventures. Well a lot of european adventures to come. Trust me. There is more to come. Unfortunately my hands are going to hate me when it is all done.

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