To the land of Pirates

Penzance 10th January 2009

So we get up ridiculously early, and its still dark and cold. We trudge up to the station, not getting lost this time as its fairly easy to get to. And head on a train that will take us to Penzance.

Penzance, for those uninformed types is right down the south east tip of England in Cornwall. Its one of the closest towns to Lands End.

The train is somewhat small, and not that bad. but not exactly comfortable. We somehow manage to get some sort of sleep on the trian. Halfway there, we are woken up and told to move to the front 2 carriages. Dammit. I chow down on some muesli bars for breakfast.

We make our way slowly along the coast, along quiet coastal towns with not a lot there. The water looks so inviting, but then you realise your gonna shrivel up fast and freeze quickly in there.

Once at Penzance Station, we quickly make our way to the sidewalk to the veiw the, well um, to view the view. Which is quite weird, I was expecting to see blue blue sea. Only there isn’t a whole lot of sea, just a lot of rocks. The tide is well out, I say about 10ms out. Ridiculous.

Our first mission is to get a room. We have to do a ring around as we couldn’t book any accom and the YHA is not open. The tourist office is shut as well. We ring a few in the book and get one thats fairly cheap and not too far away. Penzance Backpackers. It is a fair way, well with backpacks on. The backpackers is quite homely, not great but pretty decent compared to Bristol. And the host is an awesome Zimbawaen.

We go for a bit of a cruise around town, there isn’t a lot to do in Penzance itself, its mainly a coastal tourist town in summer. With lots of Hikes and walks everywhere. et some food for lunch and dinner.

On the way into town, we see that the tide is in. The harbour (before the boats were on rocks) was now full and the boats floating around. Biggest tide turn around I have seen.

We drop our food off and head down to the promenade and the waves are actually washing up onto the promenade which is cool. We head for a walk along the pebbly peach, past a derelict but skateworthy ramp into Newlyn (the next town along). Its a cool little walk.

After dinner, we go out and hit a few pubs. The Benbow – which is shaped like a pub and the Turks Head. Both are pretty cool pubs. But we would like to watch some sort of football or have something to watch.

We head up the road and find Weatherspoons before going home. Pretty boring night. Not a whole lot happening.

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