Land’s End

Lands End – 11th January, 2009

Most people should of heard of Land’s End. Its the south-western tip of England. The end of the England. Apparently, apart from that fact, it also has some cool hikes and walks.

Up pretty early, as the bus leaves at like 9am. I make my way into town to catch it from the bus stop. The bus ride was a lot cheaper than originally expected (LP said it was gonna be about 5 pounds for a return trip) but the bus driver only charged 50 pence. Love it. Always a good thing for a backpacker. The trip takes around about an hour and I get taken in by the small sized streets (literaly one car width wide), little villages and amazing scenery.

It all stops when I get there. Theres a massive tacky amusement park that is ready made for tourists. Kind of disappointing for a landmark. I steer clear of the place.

Walking down towards the edge of england – the terrain is craggy rocks, and windswept grass. Lands end has a massive rock situated not far from it with waves crashing into it.

I decide to go on a hike along the coastal path. Its quite a nice little path. Not a whole lot but a small trail. The whole area has steep, sheer cliffs and jagged rocky outcrops. With small coves and the windswept plains. Very isolated and just what I was after.

This kind of scenery keeps going for few hours before heading back. Quite an amazing experience. I wish I had a better pack and a tent so I could do the entire hike. That would be an awesome experience.

It is ridicously windy when I get to the bus stop. So much so that the council or theme park workers were trying to lock down everything. Apparently a massive storm was coming in tonight.

After getting back to Penzance, I get some chicken and Potatoes for dinner and cook up a feast before watching some tele and catching up on some reading.

A pretty awesome little day.

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