Free days means exploring

London – 14th January 2009

So I have to wait for my inductions with a few teaching agencies. So what better way to while away some time than to go see some sights in London.

First stop, is the Natural History Museum. After a big sleep in (I have missed those incredible) I walk down the road from my hostel – Its just around the corner to he NHM.

The best thing about London Museums, is that they are all free. So when the weather turns foul, like it is today then its the ideal time to do it.

The first room you enter, you are greeted by a skeletal diplodocious among other strange relics like a small monkey and a giant Moa.

The first thing I do is go get a Dinosaur Fix. They have this incredible exhibition here. At the start you run into a full skeletal Triceratops. Amazing. Going up onto the walkway you are greeted by more fossils and skeleton dinos. The main attraction is at the end where they have a T-rex skeleton. Not a full one, but the head of one. Its still incredibly impressive to see. Something I didn’t think I would see to be honest. At the end of the walkway was a section where they had a Giant Robotic T-Rex that moved and roared around. Something for the kids.

On the bottom floor, it was more informative. Really getting into the gritty stuff about how dinosaurs lived, walked, and the whole life basically.

I then head on into the mammal exhibit. Basically, it gives you a bit of information as well as showing stuffed versions of the animals. Pretty much everything you can think of. Then you get to the main room. It has the BIG animals. There is a replica of a life sized blue whale, plus many smaller whales. Giraffes, Elephants and all kinds of mammals. Interesting.

There is also an exhibit on the human body – really interesting there. From a massive baby in the womb to how we react, to how genes and dna work.

I head on over to another wing. The Red zone. It basically helps us understand how the earth formed. From volcanos and earthquakes to different types of rocks. To the solar system. And everything that has shaped the earth.

I book a tour of the Darwin Centre in the afternoon. Mr Charles Darwin to be precise. There is a huge statue of him in the central hall. It is a special building where a whole bunch of research takes place. It has 22 million specimens for scientific research. Amazing. There was earthworms the size of my legs. The most impressive was some of C. Darwins specimens which were the first ones to be collected! And the massive monster squid that is 17m in length. It is really awesome.

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