Bristol – Not so great

Bristol – 8th January 2009It was a pretty lousy sleep as previously stated. Didnt get much sleep. I think maybe about an hour all up. I end up with a sore back. This place is terrible. I head for a walk – the kitchen smells so funky you gag when you walk in. I grab a toastie, thats not much chop. So far Bristol is looking pretty crap.

We can’t get out of the booking, well we can but we have to pay for the next nights accom as we booked for that. Stupid policy. So we stay another night. terrible move.

We go for a brisk walk through the city. Its pretty dismal. Not lifeless, but pretty grey and boring. Its a big city with not a lot to see or do. We do get a good steak bake (kind of like a pie but not) and a dirty sausage roll and try to find other hostels. There is only one that looks dingy. The other is closed for renovations. Gotta love the off season.

We head up to the train station and buy tickets to Bath, and then one to Penzance. Then go book the accom at the dingy place for tomorrow night.

Its a disheartening city. I really wish we didn’t come here. Its foul and disgusting. Lifeless city.

I end up on a computer skyping with a few people later that night. And chatting to a few people I’m missing a great deal. Its always refreshing to hear whats happening at home. I stay a while, however long I can steer clear of that hostel.

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