A refreshing day

Bath – 9th January 2009

We manage to get lost, after leaving our bags in storage, to the train station. How I have no idea. But we get there eventually. Then its only a 15 minute train ride to Bath.

We have no idea where to go, but we head up and follow the crowd. There is a slight snow fall coming down as we walk up to this courtyard. Right next to the famous Roman Baths and the Abbey. We chill and have some sandwiches for breakky.

We bite the bullet, considering the last few days, and decide to go into the Roman Baths. At about 10 Pounds, its an extravagance, but when will I be here again. Its actually rather enjoyable. Theres an included audio guide that has a Bill Bryson (one of my favourite travel writers) comments on the place. Its an informative bit of audio guide and its quite an interesting attraction.

You first go through this museum sort of place, that holds old roman artefacts. Not to mention, underground ruins of where baths used to be. Its rather informative and there are a few things to see in this section.

The main bit is the baths of course. When you come upon them you don’t really think its going to hit you, but after seeing the pictures in guide books and online you really are hit. Its indescribable. I didn’t think I would feel that way but its quite unreal. I think the hazy mist that is coming up off the bath itself gives to this auru that comes by this place. Its quite an amazing place to know its been here since 300AD. Incredible! We spent a good 2 hours there I think.

Its well worth the visit though. And I am glad I paid the price to get to it. I wanted to taste the spa water in the restaraunt but they were charging 50p. Not gonna do it.

We go for a bit of a walk around the town, I grab a few bakes one being a cheese and ham pasty which turns out to be an onion pasty with a dabble of cheese.  We cruise up to the Assembly Rooms (basically where the aristocracy assembled for big functions and parties). We only went cause it was free. Yep tight arses.

We check out the circus. Its a huge circular road that is surrounded by buildings. its quite impressive. It has 3 entries, and 3 blocks of houses in a circular structure. Impressive indeed. We head back to the baths, as there is a free guided tour taking place at 2.

I remember a really cool bridge here back with the parents and go back to see it. Its a cool bridge that is similar to the Ponte Vechhio in Florence (with shops on the bridge) and the river below has a really cool little waterfall.

The guided tour was awesome. It focused mainly on the architecture of the place. I started to get a bit colder – but that was perhaps cause I kept staring at the guides feet. He was wearing socks and a pair of thongs (flip flops for you americans).

The guide told us about a bath bun, and we go on search for it. But to no avail as the place is shut. So we settle for a big mug of coffee. And head back to Bristol. And go to our new hostel.

Despite it being dingy and a bit on the shady side, there is a cool vibe to the place. We go for a walk up to the Walkabout, as Patrice said one of her friends works there and I should go say hi. But she isn’t working but I do have a steak and a tooheys new. At least its ice cold!

Back at the hostel theres a show that I havent seen before called Peep Show playing. Its actually rather humourous. I make a mental note to download or buy the box set when I get a chance back home.

We’re out early as we have to get up at 5 to get to our train. Ouch!

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