Southern England

Newcastle to York – 7th January 2009

We get up and go for a brief walk around town. We have to about to 6 before we catch the train to Bristol. So we kill some time by walking around Newcastle.

To be honest, there isn’t a whole lot to do around here. But we do see the little replica of the Sydney Harbour Bridge. Not as good as the first one and a few old walls. Not to mention a castle as well.

We wind up at a pub, that the guy from the hostel suggested, mainly cause there was 1 pound pints of beer.  So we go there for a few hours to have a few drinks and read.

I end up at the bar talking to a geordie. Now if you have heard the geordie accent you would of had a hard time understanding it. But when the guy is 60 and drunk, its impossible. I make out two words – Sunderland and Newcastle Utd. So I just make silly questions about the football teams and he rambles on. I basically just nod my head.

We go and pick our bags up, but we still have a few hours to kill, so we go back to the pub and have more beers and coffee. With a bit of reading, before catching the train.

The train isn’t too bad, spent most of it eating and playing games in the back of newspapers. It goes by pretty quickly.

We get to Bristol fairly late, like 12 midnight late. And I decide I’m too tired to walk and get a cab, which doesn’t cost myself too much. And the cab doesn’t now where to go, great. We get there and get to the hostel – Full Moon Backpackers.

Now all I can say is that this most be the worst one I have stayed at. The beds were rock hard with a mattress about 2cms thick (I kid you not). Not to mention that the pillow I had was a freaking wheat bag. Yeah, one of those things you heat up. Sucked massively. I had the worst sleep I have had in such a long time.

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