Travel Fuck Ups Number 1

Newcastle – 6th January 2009

So we leave and walk along the river to the station, after that good old hearty breakfast at the YHA. The walk isn’t too bad but its quite scenic and interesting to see people out and about.

We get rorted at the ticket office. We checked ticket prices yesterday and they were about 10 pounds, today they’re 25 pounds. And we then learn you have to pre book train tickets in the UK. Ouch.

We get to Newcastle, and realise we forgot to print our tickets off and the machines aren’t working. So we wait in line to get them. Then realise they aren’t for today. So we try to get them for today but its gonna cost a bit of money and we get them for tomorrow at only 10 quid. Which means now we have to spend a night in Newcastle.

We phone the hostel in Bristol and tell them we wont be there til tomorrow night. And then go in search of the first hostel in the guidebook. Which was easy to find and pretty cheap too. Big room though like 14 in the room.

We head out for a walk and get some food from waitrose as most of the other places looked terrible. I can’t really remember what we got. Probably more pizza or ham sandwiches.

Later that night one of the Italian girls tells me that its starting to snow outside. So I run to the room, grab my jacket and haed out. Into what can only be described as pretty dreadful snow. It was more sleet, but it was still snow. and Snow in England. Which is a rare occurance. I basically wander the streets getting wet from the snow. But its enjoyable and fun.

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