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York – 5th January 2009

After a free breakfast, one of the best I have had. With bacon, eggs, hash browns, sausages, cereal, yoghurt, coffee, etc etc. Which I think we spend a fair amount of time chowing down on. We head into York.

It must have been fairly cold last night. And by fairly I mean freezing cold. As when we were walking into town we had a bit of fun sliding around on iced footpaths. Could of got interesting.

We walk through the town wall, and then see the Minster. Its one of the biggest cathederals in the world and is seriously worth visiting. Even if its just a gander from the outside alone. We walk around the outside of the building first and do all the touristy camera snappy shots. Before going into York Minster.

Now my mum kept telling me that when we went when I was a teenager in 98 that I was bored out of my brain, didn’t like it and wanted to get out of there as quick as I could. Which was pretty much not going to happen with my mum who wanted to do everything.

How things have changed, 10 and a bit years on, and I am pretty much gobsmacked at the size and the grandeur of the place. The roofs are ornately decorated, and the building itself, well, lets just let the photos show you that. We manage to spend a good hour to two just walking around and getting our tourist on. Before deciding to climb to the top of the Towers.

We had to wait for a good 10 minutes as they only let groups up every 30 minutes. And when we do go up, you can see why. The stairway up is extremely narrow and tight. No way two people are squeezing by there. Halfway up, you get to an outdoor bit where you can see the length of the church and realise you still have another 100 or so stairs to climb. Lucky its cold and I can do with the warm up.

Up at the top, you can see pretty much in all directions for a good 10-20kms. And from above its a very pretty town and all. Yet I am highly disturbed by the fact that there is a tonne of Power Station plants not too far off destroying our planet.

We head down and then head into the Crypt. In the crypt it is basically a massive museum showing the history of the church. How it dated back to the Roman Empire. Even showing us the original blocks used on the foundation. Amazing.

We head off and go for a wander around the shambles – which is basically just like a street mall with quaint shops everywhere. We stop off somewhere and grab some ham and cheese sandwiches – I am coming out as a chef I tell ya. And head off to see the Cliffords tower.

Which is a big round tower, in the middle of parking lots and a few museums. It looks cool, but we don’t bother with it as they want to charge about 3 pounds for entry.

We head off and walk around a bit more. The streets here are nice and there are some really gorgeous buildings around. Its just a shame that there are Mcdonalds, Starbucks, HMV everywhere!

We head to the train station to look at trains to get to Newcastle tomorrow so we can go onto Bristol (it was the cheapest ticket we could get). And then check out the railway museum – mainly because it was free. Everything in life thats free is good like beer and the museums in London. However despite the massive array of trains and the marvel that they are, its quite boring. And more for parents to entertain the kids.

We make our way back to the hostel as its starting to get dark at about 4. Have a hardy dinner of microwave oven pizza. Then have a few beers, and chill out for the night.

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