Down into England

Stirling to York – 4th January 2009

So we get up after a fairly disappointing saturday night, as was said nothing to do in Stirling at night, I would definitely do this place as a day trip and not a stopover. We get up fairly earlyish by our standards and tucked into some ‘gourmet’ ham and cheese toasted sandwiches. Culinary delights hey.

We had a while for our train to come so we go on a bit of a walk around the castle walls and hill. Mainly for shits and giggles. Its quite brisk out – not as cold as I thought, or maybe I am getting used to the cold weather – and you can see the early morning frost about on the paths and trees. Walking along its quite nice scenery.

Along the walk we don’t really see a great deal, apart from looking up at castle walls and then down to the valley below. I am also amazed to see people out jogging. Which boggles myself as its Sunday morning and about 1 degree celsius. Mad.

We get back to the hostel, get our bags and head down to the train station to get to Edinburgh to go back into England. Specifically York. The first train (Stirling to Edinburgh) was quite trouble free and no problems were had. The 2nd train (Edinburgh to York) well thats a completely different story.

The train itself was great, it was reliable and efficient. Some awesome scenery of the east coast of scotland and england. Even saw a few hardy souls decked out in full wetsuits having a bash at a good little break. But once we get to Newcastle we are told that there is trackwork and buses will take us the rest of the way.

Oh, the old familar track work thing, brings me back to cityrail. We, as with everyone else on the train, head to the bus bay and try to line up. Bit hard when people are barging. It takes us about 20 minutes to get a bus. Considering they were coming at regularly, pretty much one after another, this sucked. We got a bus that took us to some god forsaken town in the middle of nowhere and were told to get another bus to York. My god….so we ended up getting into York a few hours later than expected.

We walked from the station to the YHA in York. Walking down from the station we get a glimpse of the York Minster – all lit up and sparkling like the jewell it is. Before heading outside the walls and past a sainsburys for a quick food grab and up to the hostel.

The hostel itself is pretty good, except that the interwebs costs an arm and a leg to use. We basically have a quiet night of reading and I catch up on some washing. Pretty boring stuff hey.

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