Stirling – 3rd January 2009

On departing Edinburgh, its with a sad tinge. The place is wonderfully amazing, full of character and atmosphere that you do not necessarily find in many places. Looking back it is one of the best cities to go to in the UK. Hands down.

We were up pretty early to check out of the hostel. Went down the road to the library but it was shut, so we went to a cafe for breakfast and had a good feed before checking emails for free in the library. I knew the library would come in handy some day.

We get to the station and buy our tickets to Stirling. There is a tonne of history about this place. Its particularly made famous by one William Wallace. Or probably more poignant that goose called Mel Gibson and his somewhat loosely biopic about the man himself.

The trip to Stirling was quick and easy. But the hike up to the Hostel, that my friend, was not so easy. Quite a hike to be honest. All up hill. Hills with backpacks on is not exactly easy work.

We check in, but cannot go to our rooms so we hit up the Castle. The castle, and the village itself, was important for the Scots as the saying goes “If you hold Stirling, you hold the country” and many battles were waged including the one with Wallace himself – not to mention the great big monument that sits across the valley.

The castle itself is very basic, very small in size – compared with Edinburgh – but very gorgeous in that regards. I remember coming here with the parentals back in 98 I think and it was cool then. But having a better grasp of the history of Scotland and the importance of the place makes it that much more surreal. The castle is astonishing, and amazing. The views from the castle around the surrounding area show just how prime a position this castle is in. The history exhumes from the place.

We grab some groceries from the tesco – which I thought was just a supermarket, but apparently not, they sell everything. And the store is massive. We grab food and drinks and head back to the hostel for dinner. Which consists of toasted sandwiches. yum. Get used to more exciting culinary delights like that!

After dinner we go for a hike through the town. And considering its a saturday night, the place is really dead. I mean nothing happening at all. I end up looking at places to go for my trip and thinking about the friends I miss back home.

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