A new year, a different country

Janaury 1st 2009 – Edinburgh

So new years day. Its all pretty much a big haze. We don’t get a whole lot done today. We kind of laze about and do nothing til the two girls are like “We’re going for a walk to Arthurs Seat, join us!”

I was pretty keen to go up, but somehow in my sleep I managed to get a cramp in my leg.  But I hobble along anyway.

Its a fairly long trek, takes a few hours. On the way we spot the triathlon – do not know why you would want to do any sort of sporting activity on the day after new years, idiots. and some nice scenery on the way up. Its quite rugged, suprisingly.

About an hour and a half into it we reach the top. After ditching the jacket and jumper cause I was getting that hot. But the view is amazing. Its a clear and picture perfect day. But its not long til I am rugged back up. And chill with this amazing view that we have.

We walk back down a different direction to what we came. And end up by this ruined church that is perched on the hillside with sweeping views. Amazing. And then we hear big thuds and crashes on the lake below.

On further investigation the whole lake is basically frozen except one bit. And everyone is basically throwing rocks onto the ice and making this booming sound as they get stuck. We all give it a good try and basically get a big enough rock that it smashes through the ice. It was rather fun.

After a bit of crappy dinner, I think it was microwave pizza yet again we go out in search of an art festival. We don’t actually find it and end up walking around the castle and hill down on the streets with some nice lit up views of the castle.

Edinburgh has got to be one of the prettiest and spookiest sort of cities going around. Its got that old town feel to it, and that misty haze about. Love it.

We end back at the hostel and watch a movie with the girls. Im pretty sure I fall asleep whilst the movie is on and wake up about 10 minutes from the end. Oh well.

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