The sun never rises

Edinburgh – 30th December 2008

We get into Edinburgh after the 8 hour bus trip at about 8am in the morning. Funny thing is, the sun isn’t up, and it does not look like it will be up for some time. The walk to the hostel sees some interesting sights. The first being a man pouring salt over the footpath to get rid of the ice. Must have been cold last night. The 30 minute trek to the hostel saw some interesting sights such as the castle and views of Old Town. The place looks like it is stuck in time.

Cause we are so early we have to come back a bit later to check in, so after the dumping of or bags we had up to Edinburgh Castle to suss it out.  But cannot exactly get in as its closed and won’t open for another 20 minutes or so. Instead we chill out the front and take some photos and have a cold sandwich breakfast.

Upon entry into the castle there are absolutely no lines and its eerily quiet. The castle is surrounded by a light layer of frost that has been left by mister Jack Frost himself. But the views from the top of the rock and castle itself at such a time when nothing is around is world class. Very pretty. The whole castle itself is incredibly  interesting and a whole lot of history happened within these walls. We get a lot of it down from a dog cemetary to a mini chapel, the scottish crown jewels and a museum about the history of the scottish military. All incredibly interesting. But by the time we are done its only about 12 oclock.

We check into the hostel and check into our rooms. Pretty appaling for the price we’re paying – but thats expected at such a busy time of the year. But the beds comfy and thats all that matters. Its in a convienent location just off grassmarket and right in the center of old town. We don’t get up to a great deal. Catching up on sleep and some washing. I grab a few value beers for 1 pound each (about 2 aussie dollars). Not bad when the cans are 500ml. I walk around for a bit of a feed but theres not much – but there seems to be some sort of event set up going on.

After grabbing a terrible microwave pizza, and devouring it. We head over to the grassmarket for the free event that is going on. It turns out to be a showcase of dance. None the less it was rather fun walking around and buying cheap 1 pound beers and drinking them in the street without having to worry about getting a fine. Gotta love the fact you can drink on the streets over here.

We got pretty hammered, danced to celidah music with random girls and watched some awesome breakdancing. Not a bad evening, completely unexpected and enjoyable.

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