A Happy Hogmanay

Edinburgh – 31st December 2008

So this is meant to b eone of the best NYE parties that goes down over in Europe. Its been hyped up to the max too.

The day starts pretty lazily after a few coffees and a very standard and poor breakfast. It really was pretty lazy as all we did was check our emails at the library and check out Greyfriars Churchyard. Which is spookily right behind our hostel. Its also very famous for a little dog called Greyfriars bobby who stood beside his owners grave til itself passed away. The rest of the day is spent reading books and chilling out in the hostel. Just chilling before the storm.

We end up around the corner at the Ozbar and had a few Coopers Pale Ales whilst celebrating NYE in Australia. Loving the fact they had coopers though (and its been sorely missed ever since).

We hit the street party up with Kellie and Jo. And end up going the completely wrong way, mainly cause we don’t think you can take drinks in, as that is the norm in Australia. We head down and its pretty evident that you can bring whatever you want in.

We see 3 caravan bars, and the line up isnt too bad for them. We all get our drinks within a few minutes. Bad thing is, it will only get worse and considering there is 2 people serving, its gonna get really bad.

We walk around with our drinks and go for a wander. We end up on a few rides and then head to get more booze. Bad mistake. The line is over 100m long in length. So we do a bolt up over the hill and down, to our hostel. Grab what drinks we have left and bolt back.

We get back to the party in plenty of time to see Joe from the Hot Chips do a dj set. We manage to push our way to the front and its insanely pushy up there. Not much crowd control but who cares.

Whilst dancing around, all I hear is a girl screaming “Trent!” and then a tap on the shoulder.  Its bec, hasn’t changed a bit except for the fact shes wearing an abundance of clothing.

We dance away for a fair while and skoll our drinks whilst enjoying the music. It gets close to 12 so we head off to get a good view of the fireworks over the castle. It seems like an enternity til we see a countdown timer starting and a few minutes later its now officially 2009. The fireworks were cool, and the company was sweet.

We do a bolt up to the pubs near us to get more smashed but the pubs dont seem that good, not to mention the massive line to get into them. We find one and get into it, buy some drinks, and then take them out and drink in the street before heading to the hostel.

It all seems a little bad. Not the fact I am in Edinburgh, but just the fact New Years is never that special or good. It seems really over rated and not as fun as first thought. Much prefer a party with all my friends than that. Still a good night.

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