One Last Time

Ok, so to update, I am in Croatia at the moment. I have a spare 15 or so minutes so I thought I would post another blog. I have been increasingly more and more lazy with this. But when traveling you never have the time to actually update these things. There are more important things  to do. And with that its onto the next blog.

December 29th 2009 – London.

So we wake up, and I realise I have an interview in about 30 minutes on the other side of London. I dont have a phone so I email them. I hope its ok. If not, tough luck.

I also realise I have to be at the airport in about 40 minutes to pick a friend up. So I say goodbye to matt – for the time being – and go to the Airport. Thank god for my Ipod. And not to mention the seediness of riding public transport when hungover. That sucks.

So I get to the airport in pretty good time. As I get there, James turns out of the customs area. Good timing indeed. We set off to dump his shit and head out around the town. I basically play tour guide since ive been here for a few days.

We go to the Hyde Park first and there is still left over snow from the christmas fair but its dirty and disgusting snow. That snow you dont want to play in and we muse about for a bit before heading down to Buckingham Palace. I’m starving, and get a good old english hot dog. which is a sausage in a roll. how british. but so god as well. hit the spot well.

We hang out and then walk up to trafalgar square before heading down to the Thames and the Parliament/Big Ben and then over to the Tower of London. Before heading back to Matts and grabbing some food for our daunting bus trip.

Yep, an 8 hour overnight bus trip to Edinburgh for Hogmanay. Its meant to be one hell of a good NYE party, or so they say.

We chill out, and I am pretty sure I fell asleep a lot, watching bad UK tv. They show 2 things – Topgear and Scrubs. and you cannot get away from it. We lug our stuff to Victoria Street Station and attempt to find the Bus station. We get lost a bit and walk around in circles before actually finding it. And then we dont have tickets and hope that the reference number is right. There is an insane amount of people getting onto this bus. Both buses are packed to the brim. And its not long before we are making are way to Edinburgh. And falling asleep awkwardly and waking up everytime the bus jerks to stop.

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