Free Museums are a blessing – 27th December 2008

The one thing that I think everyone should do in London is visit some of the museums. C’mon, when you are a backpacker and you are trying to spend as little money as possible, free stuff is amazing. Doesn’t matter what but it is always good. And London has some incredible museums – and the good thing is, they are free!

I have always wanted to go to the British Museum. I detested the fact that I never got the chance to go there when I was in London with the family a good 11-12 years ago. So the first chance I could get, I went. And considering all the museums shut on boxing day, I made a beeline to it today.

Its freezing cold. Like literally cold. Double up weather. The kind of weather that if you stumble on it you try to steer well clear of it. Its grey as well. But I suppose I should get used to the greyness that is England or the UK in general. They get about 10 days of sun a year.

The one thing I have noticed, the tube is amazing. I am amazed to see Londoners whinge about it – but then again they are a pack of whingers at the best of times. Getting to Tottenham Court road was a breeze. Its getting lost to get to the museum that was a struggle. I sort of just follow the tried and not so tested ‘follow the crowd’ idea. It worked pretty well though. And I am soon walking by a massive building. That is pretty spectacular.

The outside of the building is pretty spectacular, a massive entrance with a few giant stone pillars. Walking into the museum is pretty awe inspiring. The main area is the reading room. Which is not much of a reading room – but a massive area with a cylindrical building in the middle and a fantastic glass ceiling. I get a glance at the map and decide to go straight to the Egyptian wings.

I just wandered up and into the wing. Not really hoping I would walk straight into see the Rosetta Stone first. Which is rather massive. And is really impressive. I taught a year 7 history class before I came over and one of the subjects was Ancient Egypt and we learnt about the Rosetta Stone and hieroglyphics. So to know all that knowledge and content about a pretty important artefact from the Egptian times is rather spine chilling I stand and admire getting goosebumps up my neck for a good time. I am rather impressed with its size. Fucking incredible.

In fact this happens for a good few hours wandering around the Egyptian wings of the British Museum. Its extremely facscinatng and ridiculous that they have so much artefacts and relics.

Heading into the Greek section is also absurd – there is a lot of controversy over this as the Greek Government want the Pathenon scultpures back. The Brit museum response is ‘If we didnt take care of them, they would be ruined by now’. These were a definite highlight. Its incredible for such a museum to have so many wonders.

I make my way upstairs to what I will call the Mummy room. Cause basically in a ut shell that is what it is. There are a tonne of Mummies there, including a certain Cleopatra from Thebes. Amazing really. It goes into great detail about the proecss that went on to complete the mummification process – something that really interested myself when teaching it at school.

I dont get to much else of the museum. I spent a good 4 hours in just these parts. I am defnitely gonna have to come back to this and do it again.

The hunger pains in my stomach aren’t going away, so its off to grab a pricey lunch. Nothing is cheap in london. Always always prepare lunch before you go out. Hand made sandwiches are a blessing. And make my way down to Trafalgar square…where I decide to have a wander through the natioanl gallery.

And to be honest, I am not much of an art fan. I do enjoy it but I wouldnt go out of my way to see art. But standing before some truly amazing paintings like Van Goghs Sunflower, Monet’s, Botticelli, and Da Vinci….you cannot help but admire the beauty of what these artists great talents.

On my way back to the hostel, I walk into the Natural History Museum….but I decide to give it a skip when I see the mass of lines for anything. But the Diplodocious in the foyer is pretty awesome.

I get a phone call of Matt and go around to his place for dinner. I am sure he had a good chuckle when he saw myself all rugged up and hating the weather. At least he had time to acclimatise to this shit. Dinner’s pretty bloody good. Though somewhat expensive. Not for english standards. And its decided we’re doing something I didnt think I’d be doing the next day….

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