No test match for Trent – 26th December 2008

So my Boxing day’s are usually spent the following watching the test match, hungover and maybe a bit of returning unwanted gifts. But today is rather different.

However, I had no access to the TV to watch the cricket, so I had to wake up and look at the score. Sad. But thats the way it is going to be for a while. I wake up fairly early and tuck into some good feed at the hostel. Not really good but it does the trick and fills you up.

I had decided to do this bike tour before I got here as rated it as the best thing to do in London. After sussing out when they were running over winter, I go the first chance I get.

I trundle up across the park past Kensington Palace ( see below) a rather boring building but it has an awesome park for a garden. I wouldn’t complain living there.

The bike tour was pretty fun and a pretty exciting way to see the city. It weaved its way around London. We started at Kensington Gardens and the Palace. Then it was down past the Diana Memorial and across to Hyde Park to the Corner. Down towards Buckingham Palace up the mall to Trafalagar Square where I had an awesome Steak Pie and a few Pints of Beer.

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