The Journey – 24th December 2008

I wake up pretty normal. No real excitement. No real enthusiasm, feeling pretty dull I guess. I am rather suprised by how laid back and unexcited I am. I feel benign. But its a rush of a morning. We have to leave pretty early to get to the Airport for my 5:00 flight to Heathrow via Bangkok.

Its a pretty standard affair, though I thought I would be leaving on a hot and sunny day, which it isn’t. Its quite warm but its raining and overcast. Not the ideal day to leave such a beautiful country. But its down to the train station to purchase a ridiculously pricey ticket to the airport.

The train is packed, like hardly a seat left packed. Considering its a 10 oclock train, I’m quite suprised. I get split up from the family and end up sitting by myself for the trip down to airport.

The check-in was quick and easy. I had reserved my seat online the day prior, so I only needed to dump my bags. We set off for the food hall, but there wasn’t really anything good. Your usual standard of crappy burger joints. Nothing really to savour as my last meal in Australia for a year. But not much I can do about that. We cruise the duty free store, I try to pick up a spare battery for the camera but they suck and don’t have one. I end up getting a pair of headphones for my Ipod as mine suck massively and are pretty much broken.

We go out to the bar and I have a few ice cold brews with my Dad and my brother before I have to go through Customs. A few beers in, and its time to depart. And the obligatory pre-departure photos.

My Brother, Dad and I.

Dad, Myself and Mum.

It really didn’t hit me that I wouldn’t see anyone (friends and family) for at least a year til after I was walking through customs. It hit then. Not hard, but it wasn’t what I thought it would be.
I didn’t really have to wait to long, it was at most 5-10 minutes til I had to board the plane. I didn’t get to explore the departure section of the airport much at all. Though I managed to take this photo of the plane, my carriage to the otherside of the world.

Boarding planes always takes awhile and is always rather boring, strapping myself in to my aisle row seat I get ready go leave the country I call home.

The Flight

I was rather hestitant taking a 23 hour flight to London. It’s a long time to be cooped up in a plane. Not only that but it’s also hard to get to sleep on those damn things.

However the first flight is good. The seats are not too bad, rather comfy, plenty of leg room. Except for the dickwad in front who insists on having his seat back WHILST dinner is being serve. He cops knees in the back for the rest of the journey. And the food was your typical airline food standard – not much to write home about. Always bring some extra food with you.

The entertainment system is far more than what I expected. The last time I flew, it was in the days when they still projected the movies onto a big screen and you had no choice whatsoever. This time, I have my own screen plus I get to choose what I want. I try to stay up as late as I can on this flight, so I can sleep as much on the next. I make it to about an hour out of Bangkok before I doze off.

Bangkok airport is still as bad as I remember. It was sterile and boring.

The flight from Bangkok to London was the longest. However, the couple sitting next to me didn’t get back on. So I score a row of 3 seats so I can lay and go to sleep. I keep waking up every hour or so with belts rubbing into my back. Not the most comfiest sleep.

We make pretty good time and get into London ahead of schedule. A few happy snaps at the end.

Reflective Self Portrait. Heaps blurry.
London from the Air.

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