Ok Go!

Alright, just a heads up, I do plan on writing day to day thoughts as well as update a travel journal of such. I have tried to keep one, but with very rare updates. So I am going to turn a new page and do it on a new site. Hopefully this can work.

Seeing as I am doing this in a confusing sort of way, all journal entries will be different to normal entries. And if you cannot tell the difference, you probably do not deserve to be usingĀ  a computer or procreate.

I had one of those days today, where despite all good intentions I did sweet fuck all. I literally was on facebook for half the day, twitter for another, and checking travel websites and skyscanner for cheap flights for the upcoming May long weekend.

I guess, thats the pitfalls of doing sort of casual/temporary teaching. Its not great and its pretty shitty conditions considering the shit that gets thrown at you. Not literally thrown but there is a lot of stuff that goes on that is terrible. Its tough at times, but generally rewarding (read does not pay well).

But it helps fund my trips so I cant be too annoyed with it. It especially hurts two days in when you have been to some pretty amazing and special places. Ah the joys of life.

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